French 216: Cultural History of the French People







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Présentation. Le Moyen-Age (pp.15-18.vidéo FR 76)

Littérature épique


La Littérature Courtoise (pp.32-46)

Art et Architecture du Moyen Age / Le Théâtre au Moyen-Age

Discussion. Le XVIeme siècle

L'Humanisme Art et Architecture du XVIeme siècle

Le Calvinisme. La Pléiade

La versification française


Discussion Le XVIIeme siècle. La Préciosité

Le Classicisme. Théâtre classique

Art du XVIIeme siècle. Versailles

Le Jansénisme L'Opéra


Vacances de printemps


Le XVIIIeme siècle Art et Architecture du XVIIIeme siècle.

Les Jésuites Les Philosophes.

Le XIXeme siècle. Le Romantisme

Le Théâtre romantique

Le Positivisme. Le Naturalisme

Le Symbolisme . L'Impressionnisme


Le XXeme siècle. Cubisme. Arts déco.

(Final papers topics selected w/ Prof. Guieu's approval)

Dada. Le Surréalisme


Le Cinéma



Besides a mid-term and a final exam, students are expected to deliver a final paper and at least two oral lectures in class. Prof. Guieu really appreciates the use of the Internet but doesn't like to correct texts which were not written in French by the students themselves. Quote marks are therefore been urged when needed.

Before their "exposé," students should distribute a short written outline to the class (with a list of vocabulary for unfamiliar words, names or places) and a Xerox of their lecture to Prof. Guieu. After the report, they must schedule as soon as possible a meeting with Prof. Guieu, in order to review their performance and get their grade.

They should not wait too long nor have more than two corrected at the same time, or at the end of the semester...

Exposés not delivered on the scheduled day will not be considered.

By Mid-April, a final paper topic must be selected, discussed with and approved by Professor Guieu. Final papers are due on the date of the final exam. The Georgetown Honor system is expected and implemented in this course.

Participation and attendance are required and missing class more than 6 times will result in an F grade.