French 336: Provence, Capitale Marseille






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Introduction. Cassette tourisme

Antiquité. Christianisation Provence médiévale. Albigeois Angevins et catalans Royaume et Empire.

Reine Jeanne. Avignon Roi René

Troubadours, Langage et Littérature provençales. 4 filles de Raymond Béranger

Dante Petrarca "Ascencion du Mont Ventoux"

Annexion to France 1481 Nostradamus. Villers Cotteret Abbe Grégoire Jules ferry

Provençaux célèbres : Mgr Belzunce, Marquis de Sade,

Mgr de Mazenod, Désirée Clary

Mistral le félibrige Mireille

La langue. révolution et empire

La Marseillaise Renoir (film)

La Marseillaise Renoir (film)


Daudet La chèvre de M. Seguin. L’Arlésienne

Musique Gounod Bizet Massenet Verdi Milhaud

Noëls Saboly, pastorales, Crèche

Dumas Le comte de Monte-Cristo, Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, Zola Nais Micoulin

Jean Aicard, Charles Maurras, Suarès. Pagnol

Marius (film)

Touristes. Mme de Sévigné, Jefferson, Twain etc., Aïoli

Paintings Cezanne van Gogh Matisse Picasso Braque

McKay, M K Fisher, Willa Cather

Zone libre Surréalistes a Marseille. Varian Frye

Prof. Guieu absent (Film)

Prof. Guieu absent (Film)

New Marseille

French Connection detective stories, Izzo, Comics

New Marseille l’OM. immigration

Marius et Jeannette (film)

Bye bye (film) de Karim Dridri


Students are expected to deliver at least one oral lecture in class in French as well as a research paper.

Professor Guieu really appreciates the use of the Internet but is not interested at all in correcting texts which were not written in French by the students themselves. Therefore their texts must be original and not a “cut-&-paste” job from French books or the Internet. Quote marks are to be used when needed.

Before their “exposés” students should distribute a short written outline to the class (with a list of vocabulary for unfamiliar words, names or places) and a Xerox of the lecture to Prof. Guieu. After the report, they must schedule as fast as possible a meeting with Prof. Guieu, in order to review their performance and get their grade. They should not wait too long after their class presentation. Exposés not delivered in class on the scheduled day will not be considered.

By Mid-November, a final paper topic must be selected, discussed with and approved by Prof. Guieu. Final papers are due at the latest on Saturday, December 18th, noon.

The Georgetown Honor system is expected and implemented in this course.

Participation and attendance are required and missing class more than 6 times will result in an F grade.